IST 511 – Day 3: Library Systems Panal and Rare Books

Today we had many guests: Kellie Connor Bobbi Gwilt Deb Lewis Christina Pope Steve Weiter Each one had a position that required great knowledge of library systems and an even greater sense of patience. The speaker I found most interesting was Kelly Conner. She works for a vendor (often referred to as the “dark side”)Continue reading “IST 511 – Day 3: Library Systems Panal and Rare Books”

IST 511: Day 2 – Copyright Law

Copyright law is a very good example of why I never wanted to be lawyer. This very simple idea (protecting work you’ve done so that others cannot plagarize) has become a very complex, living organism that seems to continually grow with each passing year. I do understand and agree very much with why copyright lawContinue reading “IST 511: Day 2 – Copyright Law”