IST 511: Day 2 – Copyright Law

Copyright law is a very good example of why I never wanted to be lawyer. This very simple idea (protecting work you’ve done so that others cannot plagarize) has become a very complex, living organism that seems to continually grow with each passing year. I do understand and agree very much with why copyright lawContinue reading “IST 511: Day 2 – Copyright Law”

IST 511 (Introduction to Library and Information Profession): Day 1

I have officially completed my first course (IST 601) so I suppose I’m officially in the process of completing my degree. Based on the assignments beforehand, I really had no idea what to expect from the course but all in all it was a very insightful 2 days. With a lot of emphasis on theContinue reading “IST 511 (Introduction to Library and Information Profession): Day 1”