IST 511: Day 5 – Professinal Communications and Poster Sessions

Aside from joining professional organizations, there is an incredible emount of thinking that goes along with how to promote yourself as a professional librarian. In this sense, I am glad that I took some to head out into the “real world” before deciding to continue with graduate school because I feel that it really preparedContinue reading “IST 511: Day 5 – Professinal Communications and Poster Sessions”

IST 511: Day 4 – Intellectual Freedom

Today’s guest speakers focused much of their lectures on how to use your library’s space. Tina Nabinger, Lesley Pease, and Jean Armour Polly all gave great examples on how to better use the space that you have to best connect with patrons and ensure that their experience of the library is both appealing and useful.Continue reading “IST 511: Day 4 – Intellectual Freedom”