I am a huge fan of comics in general and webcomics really do help me start my day. It’s similar to what I imagine other people’s morning coffee would be like. I found one about libraries:


It’s very cute and well done.

As for my long hiatus from posting, what a crazy summer it’s been! Immediately after the Gateway Boot Camp, I stayed another week in Syracuse to take IST612 with Barbara Wall. I found Youth Services in Libraries to be right up my alley since I’m hoping that the majorityof my career will focus on just this. I genuinely like the way a school’s library can not only enhance the students’ education but allows them the freedom to further expand on any topic that strikes their fancy. Finding ways to not only encourage students to read but to enjoy spending time in the library and use the resources available is quite the creative endeavor but I’m very excited to apply what I’ve learned.

I am a firm believer that education never stops and I think having the ability to instill a sense of imagination and creativity to even the most reluctant readers is going to be so much fun!

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