Portable MSLIS: Chapter 15

Understanding research methods and outcomes has an incredible relevance in the modern library. Not only is it important when helping patrons conduct their own research, but it is also extremely helpful for librarians themselves.

It seems that if you consider a library to be a business wherein patrons are customers, customer satisfaction is just as important as it would be in any other business. Conducting library research is a relatively easy and productive way to examine how patrons use the library and is really essential in order to guarantee that expectations are met.

As far as a school library is concerned, many of the strategies mentioned (polling, Delphi study, content analysis, etc.) would be relatively easy ways for school media specialists to connect with teachers and their needs. It helps to ensure that not only are the teachers’ lessons supported with materials in the library but it also helps to give the librarian an idea of how they can further help teachers. When considering changes and improvements within the library, this seems like a wonderful way to get insight into what would be helpful for the school as a whole.


Powell, R. (2008). Research. In Ken Haycock & Brooke E. Sheldon (Eds.), The portable MLIS: Insights from the experts. Westport, Connecticut, Libraries Unlimited.

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